Human safe FAR UVC light sanitation for occupied spaces.

Far-UVC Technology destroys 99.98% of pathogens in the air and on surfaces, including COVID-19, MRSA and SARS.

The disinfection technology we need right now

A Safe UV Light Disinfection Solution. FAR UVC (222nm) is commonly used by the medical industry to disinfect surgical equipment, but is now being utilised in a wider array of settings.



FAR-UVC lighting is an autonomous and continuous disinfection system for occupied spaces. Traditionally, workers are required to manually wipe down surfaces, leaving room for missed areas and the inability to sanitise against airborne pathogens. FAR-UVC is a non-invasive sterilisation solution for public areas that eliminate both surface and airborne bacteria.


Unlike commonly available FAR-UVC lamps that are known to be carcinogenic and harmful to the skin and eyes, FAR-UVC eradicates bacteria without any adverse effects on humans. Using 222nm wavelength, this type of FAR-UVC light provides effective sterilization without ever penetrating human skin or eyes.


No consumables, no refills, no fuss. FAR-UVC is a long-term and cost-effective solution for retail outlets, businesses, and public spaces. Our products are continuous, self-contained disinfectants that are simple to use and environmentally friendly.

Human safe filtered FAR UVC light.

FAR UVC is a light source module that can inactivate bacteria and viruses with ultraviolet light emitted at the wavelength of 222nm. The 254nm wavelength ultraviolet rays commonly used are easily absorbed by DNA, which is bacteriostatic indeed, but it also exerts an adverse impact on human cells. The special, shorter wavelength of UV-C 222nm light, in contrast, is germicidal as it penetrates the DNA of viruses and bacteria. However, when irradiated on people, 222nm light will be absorbed by the stratum corneum of our skin before reaching the DNA of human cells. Conversely, longer wavelength of 254nm ultraviolet rays can penetrate the layers of our skin and cause damage to the DNA in our skin cells.

Used in all occupied spaces

Since Far-UVC kills airborne viruses and does not harm humans, it is most effective when used in crowded places: buses, trains, airports, entrances to shopping centers, elevators.

Exhibitions and events


Homes and offices




Public Transport



Understanding The Finer Details Of FAR-UVC Technology.

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